#22 Design Team Notes on New Expansion

The VEKN Design Team for the new expansion has provided some background on their composition, work process and the upcoming expansion. Some highlights---

On the goals for the new set:
The design team strove to achieve several goals for the set. Among them, and not necessarily in any order of priority:
  1. Preserving game balance and card balance.
  2. Adhering to World of Darkness canon for crypt and library cards
  3. Creating cards which enable portions of the game which are lacking or underdeveloped. (We are not making "hosers.")
  4. Developing high-caliber cards which can be feasible in tournaments and fun in casual games.

On set contents:
It is no big secret that the traditional Sabbat clans lack Group 5 crypt cards, so these will comprise a large portion of the set. We hope this will provide more options for viable Sabbat G4/5 crypts and additional synergy with G5/6 Bloodlines. The new G4/5 vampires are intended to work well with those previously established in G4, and we hope that G4/5 plays to different strengths and weaknesses than G2/3.

See the full text over at the VEKN Forums.

My personal takeaway: While I am extremely happy that there is continuing fanbase support for V:tES, I will probably pass on this one since I've long ago decided that I will focus on G1/2/3 vamps.

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